Cabal Online Review

Cabal Online is a very interesting online game that has a rather simple premise. You explore a magic world and your focus is on trying to help people while also exploring all the possible options out there. The world of Cabal Online is a huge one, and it features lots of gameplay mechanics for you to check out.

cabal online review

Is this a grind or not?

Right off the bat, you have lots of items to craft and plenty of unique tools to create. But what this also means is that you will go through a lot of grinding. That won’t affect most of us, especially those that are versed in the MMO game world. That being said, it would be better if this would be less of a chore than it actually is.


We like the fact that Cabal Online has beautiful skill animations. These go hand in hand with the intense combat, and the overall gameplay is set to be very fun and rewarding all the time. It’s also nice to see that there are no major technical issues or anything like that. You can run it at more than 60 FPS even if you have an old computer.

As we explored the game world, we did notice that some regions are pretty similar to others. That being said, the entire world is bringing in new characters and you won’t have a problem finding some nice quests to play and enjoy, which is what matters the most.

cabal online graphics

We like the fact that the gear upgrade process is not that challenging, and that on its own is very special. It’s also nice to see that the weapons are unique, and since there are so many of them it’s really hard to see two people that have the same gear. It’s definitely an amazing opportunity and one that has the potential to work really well.

They also give you free gear once you reach high levels. It’s a nice gesture from the developers and it goes hand in hand with the intensity and fun in this game. The upgraded gear can be acquired through the gameplay process. That means even if you do want to get the best gear out there, you won’t have to pay a cent for that. Play the game, complete quests, trade and you will have no problem getting the best possible experience and results with it.
The gear designs are nice, we like the overall set of visuals they chose for the game, it fits with the idea and it does bring in front some really cool and exciting moments for you to check out.

But there are some issues with this as well. The game is clearly focused on the US, which means that if you play from outside the country, you do end up with a pretty high ping. It might not be easy to see that if you have fast internet, but for the most part playing this and relying on your actions might be a chore, so try to consider all the possible options here.

A lot of players in the game are bots. These are created specifically to farm items and complete tasks. That can be a problem, because it has a huge impact on the player popular and the PVP aspect is less appealing due to such an approach.

cabal online review

Dungeons are great for the most part, but they do tend to have the most bugs in the game. There are rare times when your game can crash when you enter a dungeon. If you get past that, the gameplay is great as dungeons is where the game tends to shine.

Also, dying in this game can be very costly. You will have to pay gems in order to respawn on the spot, if not you will be respawned far away. So if you get back into the action as quickly as possible, that is definitely going to cost you.
The character customization is ok. You do have quite a lot of classes to choose from, but nothing that really stands out. However, the lack of customization options like faces, hair styles and hair colors is a bit of a chore. It’s always going to be a problem if you want to make your character look amazing and unique. With a low number of customizations, you can only do so much.

Cabal Online also suffers from the MMO chore which is fetching or killing monsters. The game can end up less appealing than you want it, which in the end might be a chore instead of a very good time. And even as you reach the higher levels you will still have boring levels.

The game is not pay to win, which is good. But it’s pay to rush, and that means many times you need to put gems in front of it all to complete a task or revive. They do have a premium option if you want more benefits, which is a pretty good addition. And the cash shop does have customizations and costumes, but even those are limited.

cabal online screenshot

Graphics and sounds

The soundtrack of Cabal Online is very good, interesting and appealing. It accompanies the game the way you want, and you will enjoy it quite a lot. The game graphics on the other hand are not that impressive. It’s clear that this game is more than a decade old. Despite getting multiple makeovers throughout the years, it still looks dated. But since it’s a free game you can get past that in the end.

Is it a great game?

Cabal Online is an average game. It does have some great combat moments, but the quests can be a bit dull at times. However, the game world is large and a lot of fun to explore. Even if it might take a bit of time to reach the highest levels, Cabal Online does have its fair share of exciting gameplay ideas. It’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you like action based MMOs.

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