Cross-Platform MMORPG Crown Four Kingdoms Launches

Crown Four Kingdoms, a mobile MMORPG with colorful, cute anime-style graphics, has just launched. It’s available on PC, Android, and iOS.

The game was developed by the same people who made Aura Kingdom, X-Legend Entertainment. It has previously been published in Taiwan, Korea, and Japan App Stores. Now the global English version has just launched.

Crown Four Kingdoms is a faction-based PvP-style MMORPG 4 new warring kingdoms fighting against each other. Players can pick one of four main classes: Warrior, Ranger, Archmage, and Assassin. As usual, there are big wars involving hundreds of players and the goal is to plunder Relics in order to claim honor for each players’ respective kingdoms. In addition, players can also complete quests to increase their “Lord” levels.

There are many Heroes to chose from in the game and additional features include life skills, guilds, and an apprenticeship system.

Link: Official website

📣Crown Four Kingdoms is OFFICIAL LAUNCHED now📣

📣📣📣Crown Four Kingdoms is OFFICIAL LAUNCHED now📣📣📣 (P.S. This is an official launch so we won't wipe any data afterward.)After an unendurable waiting for these days💦, we finally launch Crown Four Kingdoms at this moment💪 Before you start your adventure, the King assigns me to tell you some directions in case you lost your way⬇⬇⬇👑 How many servers can I select?⇨ There are Justice (SEA server/UTC +8), Courage (NA server/UTC +1), and Wisdom (EU server/UTC -5) you can choose from.👑 How do I use the Redeem Code from Pre-register?⇨ Click the X-Widget (the little yellow icon on the bottom left corner of your screen) and press "Coupon", then you will enter to a page where you can activate Redeem Code. After entering code and press send, please check your mailbox to see if the item in your mailbox.👑 How do I receive the rewards of the Milestone?⇨ The milestone rewards will be delivered directly into your character's mailbox.👑 Vote "4" your King Reward⇨ 400 Gems will later be sent to you and we will announce the info. as well!👑 PC Client⇨ For most of the heirs has expected, PC client is now available which you can download from our website🌟👑 FAQ⇨ Didn't find any information that could help with your problem? You could refer to the FAQ📰 first!👑 How do I send an inquiry?⇨ You may send an inquiry from the "Contact Us" in the X-Widget. this info. can help most of you solve the problem right away! If there's any other questions or problems that are not listed, plz feel free to send us the message💪

Posted by Crown Four Kingdoms on Monday, November 12, 2018

Crown Four Kingdoms is free to download and play but features microtransactions.

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