Daily Free Festive Rewards on Skyforge Starting December 1

Starting December 1st and lasting until December 25th Skyforge players may visit the myLoot store for an exclusive free reward. Just visit https://loot.my.com/shop/19/ go to “chests” and you will see your free Winter’s Holiday Gift Box there, ready for you to claim.

free gift skyforge

Note that the free gifts have a time limit of 48 hours availability so make sure you claim yours right away.

skyforge winter free gift

Skyforge’s ‘Distant Frequencies’ Expansion Debuts December 11

Skyforge, a free-to-play action MMORPG, is set to release its “Distant Frequencies” expansion on December 11 on PC, Dec. 12 on PlayStation 4, and Dec. 13 on Xbox One. The expansion features a new character class – the Soundweaver, a support class that uses music. Using their immense musical talents, the Soundweaver class sets up portable loudspeakers to attack their enemies with sound as well as to increase their allies’ morale while weakening their foes’. The recent preview of the character class shows a Soundweaver rocking the battlefield with a guitar solo.

Apart from the new character class, “Distant Frequencies” will also feature a new area. Players will be able to investigate a strange gravitational phenomenon was recently discovered in space. The official trailer shows a new enemy species in an unknown planet. Once the player has completed the investigation on the anomaly, they will be able to go on the upcoming interstellar campaign that will be released in 2019.

Website link: https://sf.my.com/lp/distantfrequencies/

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