Dead Maze Alpha Version Review

The Dead Maze alpha is out and free to play! It’s a full-fledged zombie-themed MMORPG that can be played on a browser. If you like zombie-themed games, then I heartily recommend it. If you don’t, then I still recommend it, but with some reservations because the whole game is all about two things:

  1. fighting zombies
  2. crafting

If you’re like me and like both things in am MMORPG, then Dead Maze is worth trying out.

Dead Maze Review: The Basics

The is a 2D isometric browser-based MMORPG. It’s great for playing on older rigs or laptops. Since it’s free to play and there’s no game client needed, I simply clicked on the “play” button, created an account in the Dead Maze website, and immediately jumped into the start of the game.

It opens with some graphics and text narration of the backstory. In the modern-day world, people were living quite oblivious of the oncoming threat.

opening cinematic

Then a disaster happened! A big flood came and killed millions of people. At first, people thought it was just a natural disaster.

Your character is shown riding in a car with two friends, on the way to a football game. The car breaks down and they discover that zombies are running amok.

There is a time skip as your character learns that he or she is immune to the zombie virus, along with a small number of humans. There is a short tutorial that teaches the basics of picking up stuff and fighting zombies.

Players just need to click on things around them to loot items. Examples of things they can loot:

  • shelves
  • refrigerators
  • closets
  • crates
  • trash cans
  • any bags left around
  • vending machines
  • etc.

Zombies are blind so they ignore people unless that person is nearby or make some noise. Like, for example, if a person smashes a vending machine then the noise will attract a horde of zombies so it’s best to run away immediately after looting.

Players have meters that monitor their fatigue, thirst, and hunger. Therefore, rest, water, and food are essential for survival. There is plenty of (expired) food and water (of dubious origin) that can be looted.

Dead Maze Review: Graphics

The graphics are okay. Despite the fact that it’s a zombie game, it’s cartoony and colorful. I like that the player can interact with so many things in the background. I never got bored of exploring since every corner of the map might have valuable items in it.

Characters aren’t that customizable. Here is the character creation screen:

dead maze characters

I believe the concept is that the player is an ordinary person, thus there are no unusual character options in the character customization screen. You can’t play as a zombie, either.

Dead Maze Review: Sound

The sound is great! The music is very atmospheric and the sound effects are good.

There doesn’t seem to be any narration or voice acting. I never heard any.

Dead Maze Review: Combat

Combat basically consists of fighting off zombies. The player can equip whatever they find lying around like a baseball bat, kitchen knife, rake, guitar, stool, and so forth. There are a lot of items that can be used as weapons. However, weapons break pretty easily. It’s best to have a few on one’s backpack, otherwise, one would be left without any weapons.

The player’s character automatically attacks when zombies are near but the player must activate whatever combat skills he or she has.

dead maze fighting zombies

Note that the player can’t keep fighting all the time since characters get tired and/or injured when they fight. The name of the game is fighting when needed and avoiding or running away from combat the rest of the time.

Much of the later content needs a group to play. People can form parties and it’s recommended to join a “tribe.”

Some weapons and food/drink items have special effects which can be either positive or negative like passive resistance to fire or drunkenness.

Dead Maze Review: Crafting

Crafting is one of the best things about Dead Maze. All of the many, many items that players can pick up are useful in one way or another. Food items can be cooked, medicine can be taken, drinks can be drunk, weapons can be equipped, and many items are recyclable.


Apparently, when the zombie apocalypse comes, one of the most useful skills needed is the recycling skill!

The player picks up stuff, recycles them for raw materials, then crafts useful items.

I like it. Crafting is the best!

Dead Maze Review: Conclusion

I greatly enjoyed playing the game. If you like zombie games, I think you should try it out. If you hate zombies then this game is not for you since it’s basically all zombies, all the time. If you’re on the fence about zombies, I recommend that you at least try it out.

Where to play it:

Dead Maze official website


Dead Maze on Steam

Thank you for reading. Have you played Dead Maze? Did you like it? Please leave a comment below!

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