Defiance 2050 Review

Defiance 2050 is a very interesting title with quite a lot of cool ideas brought into the mix. Whether they are clicking well or not, that’s up for debate. But the sheer focus on quality is there and the game is designed as a fun MMO. At its core, the title is created with the idea of offering a remaster treatment to the old Defiance game. Defiance was launched in 2013 by Trion Worlds, and with this new version you get a whole lot of revamps. The idea was to create a better game experience for the current players.

defaince 2050 review


The Defiance 2050 story is pretty much the same as the original. Without getting into spoilers, it features a lot of sci-fi tropes and it’s not the best out there. But aside from WoW and a few other exceptions like ESO, who plays an MMO for the story? Overall, we found the Defiance 2050 story to be functional and you do have tons of quests. Most of the time you will find yourself doing side quests, which is not exactly the funniest thing out there. But it works, which is what you need.


We found Defiance 2050 to have a functional, fun gameplay. at least for the most part. You don’t have a cover system, and this hurts the game a little bit. Yet it does encourage you to try out some new things and ideas as you explore all the possible options out there. The game is definitely not the simplest one out there, but it’s getting easier as you acquire better loot.

The problem with Defiance 2050 doesn’t come from the shooting experience. It’s mostly due to the AI that stares in the wrong direction, doesn’t attack properly and it gives a bad appeal for the entire experience. It’s easy for the AI to get confused especially when it comes to the larger groups.

The challenge for a lot of people comes from finding new loot. Defiance 2050 is great here because it does have a ton of loot. The issue is that getting to this sweet loot is a bit tricky because you always need to overcome obstacles that shouldn’t really be there in the first place. Yet if you get past such problems, Defiance 2050 is actually a very good experience and one that you will enjoy again and again.

Moreover, the enemies are not as varied as you might want. It’s ok, I mean you do have a plethora of cool enemies here and there and it does fit into the overall idea of bringing people some new stuff and some interesting post-apocalyptic options as you explore all of this.

But the fact that enemies can spawn out of nowhere and they attack you right off the bat is not exactly the funniest thing to have. It’s certainly a good idea to at least test out various attacks. However, because the AI doesn’t come with a major challenge, the experience is not as good as you might want in the end and that’s a missed opportunity in our books.

Remaster features

Despite the fact that Defiance 2050 was built from the ground up according to Trion Worlds, it still suffers from various problems. These include low resolution textures, visuals that could be better as well as ugly character animations. The draw distance is short as well. And the issue is that you do end up pushing yourself to other loot based shooters, which in the end might not help you as much as you would imagine.

The fact that Defiance 2050 had a long closed beta is a bit of a shame, considering that even right now the game does have network issues and the AI is not as good as it could be. That being said, there are always going to be issues when it comes to the way you approach the title and what you get from it in return. The thing to keep in mind is that Defiance 2050 doesn’t have an offline mode. The original started to include that, but Defiance 2050 scraps that altogether. And obviously there are a lot of players which dislike the developer decision, as they did want to play the game on PVE offline.

Visuals and soundtrack

As we mentioned above, even if this is a remaster at heart, it doesn’t come up as one when you see it. Sure, the visuals are a bit better when compared to Defiance, but then again that game is 5 years old. The remaster’s visuals are still old and since you have games like Warframe and other similar stuff that look and play better than this, it’s hard to recommend Defiance 2050 to other players.

The soundtrack was not touched, which is maybe a good thing if you think about it. The benefit that comes from Defiance 2050 is that the game on its own is very intense, and the soundtrack does show all these emotional or super challenging moments. It could obviously be better, but for the most part it hits the mark and that’s exactly what you need.

Should you play Defiance 2050?

Defiance 2050 comes as a tough recommendation. It’s a good game if you want a free to play title. But as we mentioned earlier, you have Warframe that’s also free to play. And Destiny 2 is not that expensive to acquire and play, it has way better graphics and the content is very impressive. Here you have a pretty good set of missions and a nice story.

It’s not a boring game, there’s a lot to do but the fact that they stripped some of the content from the original versions and the visuals are not that impressive doesn’t save the title. Which is a shame, because there are lots of cool ideas in Defiance 2050. It just doesn’t seem to live up to its potential. Unfortunately, they might have to release a new game in this world, as this is already not a popular game with most players!

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