Dreadnought Review

Dreadnought was originally released on the 14th October 2018 for Steam on PC and on PS4 as well. The game plays like an MMORPG but takes away from the traditional form of MMO’s and focuses on the idea of combat-flight simulation instead, where you are expected to take part in large-scale battles with other players. You and all of these other players have the freedom to customize their ships pretty much as much as you desire, and depending on what you’ve changed, you’ll be able to see the effects it’s made to the ship and its overall performance.

dreadnought shooter game

Dreadnought Review

Type: Free to play space shooter MMO
Developer:Six Foot, YAGER
Publisher: Grey Box

dreadnought mmo

Ship Customisation

The way the game takes customization is much in the way as some other MMO, battle-games, such as RoboCraft for instance. As you progress and get better at the game, you slowly unlock more and more options to use for your perfect Dreadnought vessel. At the beginning of the game, as to be expected, there isn’t too much in the way of class customization. You’ll be given the basics, such as sniper vessels, damage vessels, or support vessels, but as you work your way through the skill tree, you’ll be improving your ship, its weapons, and its overall visual style. Each item that you can acquire for your ship, though will require some monetary value on your end, which can be earned from taking part in those battles.

Depending on your choices for your ship, it’ll change the ship to either be faster, slower, more tankier with a higher amount of health are all options that you can pick and choose from. Every addition or removal that you make to your ship can improve it in some areas and slow it down in others. For instance, if you buy a higher-level hull that has a lot more health but is a lot heavier, it’s going to slow down your ship and requires you to make some harder decisions each time around, which is a nice extra to the game.

combat dreadnought

Outside of pure combat-effectiveness, you can add different visual decals to your ship to make it look a little bit different from the other player’s. For the most part, though, a lot of the ships just end up blending together in a blob of gun-metal grey and can be a bit tiresome to look at after a while.

There is an option to edit the visual look of your commander, but the visuals for them doesn’t actually do anything for the game. Ultimately, it’s just there for you to have another element of the game to customize at your leisure, but in terms of gameplay or usefulness, it’s almost pointless, since you don’t actually see that character during the main bouts of gameplay.



Outside of purely designing your ship, you’re going to be spending a lot of your time out on the battlefield, taking out opponents or choosing to support your teammates with a healing beam. When out on the battlefield, you play the game in a sort of 3rd person perspective; if that person was a giant, flying spaceship. With a crosshair in the middle of your screen, you point and shoot at whatever you want dead and depending on the weapons equipped to your ship, you’ll blast it with whatever attacks that you have on you. You can switch out between different weapons on the fly and the nice part about this is that when you’ve expended all the ammunition for one weapon, the press of a button will have you change weapons and you can fire your weapon whilst the other is reloading.

Instead of simply aiming and firing at everything you want dead, each ship and its chosen weapons can have certain abilities and attacks tied to them. For instance, with the very first ship that is granted to you has homing rockets, anti-rocket lasers, a warp drive – that acts like a blink, and broadside plasma cannons. Each ability has a short cooldown before they can be used again and are typically the highest level of damage output, at the very least for the damaging classes. Overall, the gameplay is really simple to get to grips with and doesn’t take long to get used to. When it gets towards the higher tier’s things start to become more difficult, but that’s what you’d come to expect from a game such as this one.



In conclusion, the overall gameplay and visuals for the game, alongside its vast amount of customization for the game makes for a fun ensemble. The somewhat P2W nature of the game does get in the way, but if you can ignore that part of the game, Dreadnought is a fun flight-combat MMO, that gives you more than enough to do online. While it isn’t perfect, there’s still plenty to do and enjoy for the overall player.

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