Lunaria Story Review – Browser-Based MMORPG

Lunaria Story is an MMORPg by R2Games that can be played on a browser, no client download or game installation needed. It’s free to play and has colorful, anime-style graphics.

Lunaria Story Review

Bearing in mind that this is a more of a casual free to play browser MMORPG, here are my thoughts about the game:

Character Creation

character creation

Of course, the first screen is the character creation screen. It’s pretty straightforward. Players can choose one of three classes: Elementalist, Swordsman, and Hunter. Each class has a male and female character.

Apart from choosing gender and class, there is no other customization available at this time. In short, there are 6 basic characters in the game.

I picked the female Elementalist, a magician who uses elemental magic. Players just have to pick a char then input a name. Done!

Newbie gift pack code

One of the things that new players should keep in mind that most of these kinds of games are generous in giving free stuff during the early levels. Lunaria Story has a free gift pack for newbies.

After creating a character, go back to the Lunaria Story home page. You will see that there is a link for “code redemption.” Click that.

newbie code

You will then be taken to the Newbie Card Redemption page where you have to chose your server number. Make sure that you pick the right one. Click on “redeem code” and you will get a very long code. Copy that code.

The instructions on how to get the gift pack in the game are given on this page so it’s not hard to get it.

Just like the instructions say, log into the game and click on the “Bulletins” button. On the left side it says “newbie card.” Once you click that there will be an empty field where you can paste the code that you copied earlier. Once you have pasted the code, just click on “redeem” and you will automatically get a newbie card.

gift pack

To see the newbie card, click on the bag icon to open your inventory. You can double click on the card to retrieve the items inside it. It’s not one-use. Players get more rewards as they level up.

I just want to say that I love free stuff! Yeah, I’m cheap that way. 😉

Please note that this stuff is free for every player, not just me and it’s not just for a limited time. You might have noticed that there is also a “media gift pack” but I didn’t get one. It seems to be for special promotions and I didn’t see any media packs available for me.


I really like the colorful and cute graphics. They might not be to everyone’s taste but I personally enjoy this type of thing. They do take things too far sometimes. Here is the opening screen which I feel is trying too hard to be cute and appeal to a certain kind of gamer:

start screen

I mean, check out the animal ears, oversized hands, cute pose, and cleavage. Ugh, they’re not exactly trying to be subtle, are they?

I do appreciate certain things, however, like how my character seems to be prone to saying random stuff. See screenshot below where she’s looking for a bathroom.

I did not see any bathrooms though there are underwater levels. I guess those are like giant bathrooms?



There is a plot/story that players discover through doing the main quests. Monsters are running rampant everywhere (aren’t they always?!) and some important items need to be recovered. In other words, it’s business as usual for the intrepid MMORPG character.

quest screen

The quests make sense if you read the pop-up quest boxes. There is no voice acting so you have to patiently read it all… or, like many players, people can just close the boxes without reading the text.

Quests mostly involve either:

  • talking to people and giving them verbal messages from other people
  • killing x amount of x monsters
  • fetching x item from x monster or x resource spot

… then going back to the quest giver for the sweet, sweet exp and rewards.


This is what I don’t like. Combat is way too easy. Your character walks up to the monsters and just starts automatically spamming his or her skills without any input from the player.

combat afk

This seems to be standard now for browser-based and mobile MMORPGs. There’s an “afk” that lets the character fight on auto-mode although the player can also chose to manually trigger skills.

I guess it’s what every modern browser MMORPG does now so I won’t complain. It’s really more like watching a movie than playing a game though.

Pets, mounts, and other content

Even though Lunaria Story is a simple browser MMORPG that doesn’t mean that it lacks any of the content that full-fledged MMORPGs have. It has all of the usual content like:

  • pets
  • mounts
  • skill tress
  • stats
  • equipment and weapons
  • forging/crafting

In addition, there are also daily and weekly quests as well as PvE and PvP scheduled events. There’s a lot to do so players will never find it too boring or devoid of content.

Social aspects

There are player guilds, of course. If you like this game and intend to play it for a long time then it’s absolutely crucial to find a good circle of friends, aka a guild, to enjoy it and to be able to do all of the group content.

My suggestion is that you should pick whichever server has the right timezone for you to be able to go to most of the important PvP events. Then join a guild in that server to see if you can get along with the people there. If you find that you don’t like the first guild you joined, you can always quit it and join a different one. Changing servers to find a better guild is also an option. However, when you change servers you can’t bring your character with you. When a player enters a server, he or she has to create a character that is specific to that server.

Players can also get married in the game.

In short, I’m happy with the social aspects of the game.


Lunaria Story is a perfectly okay browser-based MMORPG. It’s free to play. It runs well on my browser, the graphics are nice, and it’s a good way to socialize with other people online. The combat is lackluster and the story is the same old one MMORPG players have been reading since MMO games were first created. Despite that, it’s still a good game which is why it does have a decent number of people playing it.

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