New Fishing Content in TERA’s ‘BAF Masters’ Update on December 11

A new fishing system is coming to TERA, the free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, on December 11, 2018.

Level 65 players will be able to start a brand-new quest that will allow then to join the fishing association. There they will learn how to catch fish, prepare them, and cook delicious meals! Twelve grades of fish will be available from fisheries all over the virtual world of TERA.

tera baf masters fishing

Players will also be able to purchase and upgrade their fishing rods as well as buy, craft, or earn bait and lures. Fishing will be a very profitable pastime. Players can sell their catch to the Association Fishmongers or Federation Resource Managers for gold or Metamorphic Emblems, or bundle them up as Fish Crates.

In addition, there are some updates to the TERA skill system, as detailed in their latest news post –

According to theĀ En Masse Entertainment press release, this new update is part of a broader rework and streamlining of gathering and crafting in TERA. Crafting professions will be updated, allowing players to specialize in alchemy, smelting, processing, etching and cooking depending on what they want to craft, while gathering will be updated to make harvesting tiers more apparent.

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