Pirate Storm Review

One of the best things about MMOs is that they allow you to explore the world and enjoy your time in unique, meaningful locations. That’s exactly what Pirate Storm does here, and it also manages to bring us in the impressive, sometimes intimidating world of sailors. But is this cool little browser MMO worth your time?


Right from the start, you will see that the game is fairly easy to understand. In Pirate Storm, you will immediately receive a ship, and you will start scouring the seas to complete various missions. The missions are diverse in the game, and they do tend to bring in front a rather distinct, unique set of mechanics which work very well in the title.

For example, you have to sail to a new location and uncover a relic, you need to eliminate monsters from other ships, or you just have to enjoy your time and have fun as you battle sea creatures. Obviously, you need to create an empire in your name and the way you do that is by plundering ships.

Yes, all people are going to receive their ship, and they end up attacking you in the end. Thankfully, even if you start without that much of a hassle at first, you will find Pirate Storm to be a ton of fun, and it does bring in front a rather unique and fun experience, to begin with.

pirate storm mmorpg

The fact that you can upgrade your weapons shows you can easily become a very powerful person as you play. It certainly shines, and it does bring in front a rather distinct and rewarding experience. The game is always very focused on quality and value and the simple fact that you can enjoy so many locations does work to your advantage.
There are situations where the monsters are very repetitive, and the experience isn’t as impressive as you would see.

It’s a bit bittersweet here because you can start grinding and you will keep doing so to level up. While leveling up on its own can be fun, the sheer fact that there are so many new locations to explore and the gameplay is not that immersive at first certainly puts a block for beginners. That doesn’t mean the game is not good. On the contrary, there are just too many high-level people that will kill you very fast. That is if you explore in unwanted regions of the map, which you should avoid doing in the first place.


The quest system is nice because you get to go from one place to the other and you can even visit cities without a problem. Sometimes you have to attack them, other times you just have to reach a region and so on. There are also missions where you need to kill hundreds of enemies, so this is always fun. Yes, there is always some grinding involved in the game experience, but it’s still a fun ride and an excellent one at that. There are multiple moments when you want to try out some new gameplay mechanics, but the game does a good job at mixing things us.

This means you always get to see some new ideas and explore some cool new options which is what you want to get in the end. It’s one of those things that will impress you quite a bit, and that will work to your advantage for sure.


When you want to attack an enemy, be it NPC or human, you just need to right click on his ship or on that particular monster. The intuitive appeal of the controls and the ease of use is what makes Pirate Storm such a good game. Anyone can get in it, and you will be quite impressed with the way things end up here. There will be plenty of challenges to overcome, and the experience on its own is rather good because of that.

Due to the way quests are created, you feel that you are playing a singleplayer game. Thankfully, the MMO aspect will shine as you try to explore new locations. This shows that there is indeed plenty of fun to be had as you explore these regions and the gameplay does manage to shine because of that.

pirate storm review


The level design is rather great here, and I particularly like the way they approached it. The game does an excellent job at bringing in front a rewarding and distinct experience. They did an incredible job when it comes to providing you with a fun and rewarding game world. Yes, this doesn’t mean that the game comes with high-resolution enemies or locations, but It does look decent, and the immersion factor is indeed there.

Pirate Storm’s soundtrack is good too. There are some fascinating songs, and the sound design is interesting too, as there are so many interesting options as you play here. They did an excellent job when it comes to exploring different eras in the piracy world when it comes to the soundtrack, and it does pay off because of that.
PVP and online features

The online mechanics in Pirate Storm are very good. As we mentioned earlier, there will be times when you will find people with a much better upgrade and level when compared to yours, so defeats are inevitable. But they try to limit that, and in the end, it’s all about skill and how you upgrade your ship. Communication is great; the chat works very well although the community can be a bit toxic at times.

Should you play Pirate Storm?

Pirate Storm is one of those games that are very easy to get into but which require quite a bit of grinding in the end. It’s interesting, and it has a lot of fun gameplay options to throw your way. It does get a bit boring at times due to all the grinding, but the level design is good, and the visuals are pretty nice for a browser game. Overall, Pirate Storm is worth your time, but you should avoid repeating the same old quests and experiences as it can get boring. Instead, experiment and try out new stuff because there’s a lot of things to do here.

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