Runescape meets Albion: Sandbox MMORPG Ember Sword in Development

So Couch Studios has announced that they are currently developing a cross-platform sandbox MMORPG with no “pay-to-win” elements. According to their press release, the game will feature an optional monthly subscription and marketplace fees.

While a subscription model is quite normal and understandable, it looks like the “marketplace fees” part is actually based on the other bit where they mention that “Ember Sword let’s players own, control, and evolve the fantasy universe as landowners.”

Of course, you probably guessed that the part about “landowners” means they will be selling land in the game for real life money. Or rather, the land and cosmetic items (rare drops from PvP and PvE) can be bought with PIXEL Tokens, the game’s cryptocurrency which can only be bought with real life money or through trading. Landowners get marketplace fees, too.

This brings up a few questions:

  • What happens if someone decides to spend a lot of money to buy up most of the land when the game launches?
  • Does this mean that people can speculate (i.e. gamble) in the games’ economy using real life money?
  • Will the developers also allow people to cash out their PIXEL Tokens?

“We’re building Ember Sword because we believe blockchain is changing the games industry for good, allowing us to put an end to lootboxes and predatory pay-to-win monetization,” wrote Sune Thorsen, Founder and CMO of So Couch Studios.

Apparently, the PIXEL token private presale has already started and a public presale is scheduled for Q4, 2018.


A full release is scheduled for late 2020/early 2021, according to this Reddit comment from a developer, but there will be alpha and beta releases, too.

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