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Soul Saver Online is a delightful and downright wonderful side scrolling game that provides us with a unique and expansive 2D world. The fact that this game went with the 2D approach instead of a 3D world may put some people off, but it does offer a lot of charm to it as well.

The nice thing here is that the story is quite expansive and you will explore many unique worlds and check out a multitude of incredible locations. All of this is downright incredible and it shows the true extent of this game and how much it has managed to grow in such a short time.

soul saver online


The premise of Soul Saver Online is rather simple. You have the regular fantasy universe and you will see that the players have to slay a multitude of monsters. There are lots of nice and fun enemies that you have to eliminate.
They did a very good job with the enemy variety and I feel that the gameplay does showcase that a little bit, albeit in some different ways than the ones you would imagine.

The anime style that they have here is very enticing. Sure, you may have only two factions, but the two, mainly the Central Districts and the Evil Forces are the ones that will impress you quite a bit. That’s what really manages to push the game to new heights and in the end this will work to your own advantage.

The differences are not that major as you would imagine, but they do tend to be rather enticing most of the time. At the end of the day, you do have plenty of fun each time you play, and the fact that you have multiple classes is also pretty nice too.

Also, when it comes to classes, you can be an assassin, fencer, fighter, magician and archer. The reality is that you will not see a lot of visual difference here. Most of these classes are similar from a visual standpoint and their animations don’t really differ. But the fact that you can have your own play style choices is enticing and that does tend to work to your own advantage for sure.

You will also like the fact that each class does tend to have its own skills. The skill system is great here and they did a very good job when it comes to making it fun and distinct. The gameplay is very good and each time you play you will feel that it gets even better. Obviously, it does come with its own set of challenges, but at the end of the day this will be quite impeccable and certainly an enjoyable ride!

Another thing to mention about Soul Saver Online is that the game has a pretty good monster encyclopedia. It shows you what the monsters can do, which are their abilities and so on. Things like this really help you put things into overdrive and the gameplay does manage to get better because of that. It definitely works to your own advantage.

Obviously, each time you play you get to have a different experience since the enemies are coming randomly towards you. The thing to note about the game is that the respawn times for enemies are not that long. You end up killing an enemy and in the span of a few minutes it will just come towards you. Things like this can make the game feel unbalanced at times, but at the end of the day that’s the type of experience that you want.

soul saver online review

You want the game to constantly bring you challenges and you want it to be very appealing all the time. There are constant challenges as you play Soul Saver Online for sure. Plus, you are forced to level up as much as possible and that can work to your own advantage.

There is a lot of grinding in the game though. Even if it may not seem like that at first, you will see that in order to get the best loot and kill enemies or bosses faster, you will need to grind a whole lot.

That’s not really a huge deal, but it does tend to make the experience a lot less appealing at times. Plus, the game is very similar to Maple Story. In fact, it seems sometimes that you are playing pretty much the same game and that can definitely be an appealing experience to be honest. If you are a fan of Maple Story and you want more that is. Obviously, the game does tend to become more challenging as you play, but the problem is that you can’t delete characters if you play via Steam. That’s a bit of a problem if you want to juggle between many characters.

On top of that, the game did have a few stability issues for me. It didn’t start up correctly at first and even so, in windowed mode it can bring in some random crashes. This is coming from my personal experience with the game, but things can get annoying at times.

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Graphics and sounds

The soundtrack is cute, albeit quite generic for this type of game. It is a nice one for sure, but it could be better if you take into account what other games are doing at this time. The sounds on their own are repetitive and also generic, you won’t really find something that will make the game stand out sound-wise.

The visuals are pretty much in the same situation. You have the cute side scrolling chibi game graphics that work great for a huge variety of titles. But something is missing to be honest. You don’t feel that these are looking as great as they should and things could definitely be better. Yet, the game does shine in what it does and it can be fun.


Although it is very similar to other titles like Maple Story, Soul Saver Online does have its own charm and it can be pretty fun most of the time. Sure, there is grinding and a lot of it, just like in any MMO. But the game can be quite impressive and it really is an enjoyable side scrolling adventure. Yes, it does come with its own fair share of problems, but it is a nice title and an exciting one. If you don’t mind the similarities with other side scrollers or just want something like that, but new for you, Soul Saver Online can easily scratch that itch!


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